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Accessibility Statement

We consider digital accessibility a vital element in today's digital landscape. Ensuring that our website is perceivable, operable, and understandable by people with one or more physical or cognitive disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, is important to us. As such, we have set forth a clear plan to achieve and maintain the digital accessibility of . Our goal is to achieve level AA conformance as set forth by the internationally accepted accessibility standard, WCAG 2.1. To help us achieve and maintain conformance over time, we have enlisted the services of Fedora Outlier LLC, an international leader in digital accessibility consulting services.

It is our pledge to our customers that we will work to ensure that our
site conforms to the Level AA WCAG 2.1 standard as best as possible. Accessibility standards continually evolve; interpretation of WCAG 2.1 Level AA is fluid and can shift as accessibility professionals more fully examine their implications and application.

Conformance Status

Fedora Outlier LLC has analyzed using a first of its kind renowned manual auditing procedure performed by a team made up solely of blind, visually impaired and disabled users to identify WCAG violations.

Fedora Outlier LLC will audit, remediate and re-certify our platform on a month to month interval to help ensure that our site remains conformant to WCAG 2.1 Level AA.

We believe that the combination of our internal efforts with the support offered by Fedora Outlier LLC helps ensure that our site is and remains accessible to users with motor, visual, auditory, or cognitive impairments.


If, for any reason, you find that a part of could have its accessibility improved, please reach out to us and we will review your feedback promptly and carefully.

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